Beirut Grill: Middle Eastern, Belly-Dance, Cosy

Hi guys, we are finally back blogging after a 3 weeks hiatus! We are sincerely sorry about it as we were busy with our school stuffs. I just completed my internship hence I was busy churning out a 15-page report and preparing for a 20 minutes presentation! Good news, I AM FINALLY DONE WITH IT! As many of you guys knew, Charlene flew off to Brisbane to further her studies at University of Queensland hence we were busy preparing and packing for her trip at the same time. Don’t worry, she is doing really great right now! 🙂 So what are we introducing you guys today?


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Before I actually start introducing the food, I have to thank The Entertainer Singapore for inviting us to this media tasting. So who are they exactly? They are the people behind The Entertainer App which offers more than 750 Buy One Get One Free offers for Singapore’s hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more. This year’s product includes the Entertainer Travel 2015, which features over 250 free night offers at leading 4* and 5* hotels across Asia and beyond. Until 31 August 2015, Entertainer Singapore members can book one night, get one free; book two nights, get two free; book three nights and get three free with some 90 hotels under the Hot Summer Nights promotion. The Entertainer Singapore app retails at S$60. The Entertainer Singapore book, which contains the same vouchers in paper format, is priced at S$75 and is also available for purchase at or selected bookstores. If you are purchasing it online, the promo code “2015ALVIN” will entitle you to a 10% discount upon checkout on the website.

Even though I have not start using the app myself, I must say this seems like a pretty interesting app which provides a wide range of offers! Next up, OUR VIRTUAL FOOD TOUR @ Beirut Grill!

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Beirut Grill is a Lebanese restaurant located in the most visited place in Singapore – ‘The Kampong Glam of Singapore,’ situated in the urban planning areas of Kallang and Rochor best known for fabrics and carpet shop houses, arts and galleries kiosks, Malay coffee shops and Middle Eastern restaurants. They are the only restaurant in the most colorful and buzzing Arab Street area that serves authentic fine Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisine. With its lovely and cozy ambiance, you will feel the quixotic Arabian atmosphere along with the friendly service of their staff. Do head over to my Facebook Page for more interior photos! Now to my first ever Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisine experience!


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We started off with their Beirut Mezza Platter which consists of Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Falafel, Cheese Borek, Moutabal and Home-made Pita Bread. I will consider this an appetizer which is perfect for 3-4 people! Wait a minute, did the names just blurred you out? That was what happened to me at the tasting! I had to check with the hosts a few times before I am finally clear about the items. Let me guide you right now! Hummus is actually chickpea puree with sesame paste topped with extra virgin olive oil. It tastes fresh and creamy however it may taste really salty if you do not eat it with their home-made Pita bread. Next up, Baba Ghanoush is char-grilled eggplant with mixed capsicum topped with olive oil while Moutabal is aubergine puree topped with extra virgin olive oil. Both have the smokey aubergine paste in there. However, in Lebanon, the baba ganoush is without tahini but with herbs and tomatoes while moutabal consist of tahini. These dips goes really well with their home-made Pita Bread. Many places say baba ghanoush and moutabal are similar. However, judging by what was being served, the only similarity both these dishes has is both used smoky baked aubergine as their main ingredient. Just some additional information, Moutabal contains yogurt, tahini and garlic while Baba Ghanoush consist of pomegranate molasses, tomatoes, parsley and walnuts. Cheese Borek is deep-fried Lebanese pastry filled with Feta cheese which I thought is almost similar to the Chinese style fried popiah. Last but not least, Falafel is deep-fried fava beans croquettes served with tahina sauce which I thought is full of flavour, soft on the inside yet crisp on the outside. I strongly recommend this platter as it is great for sharing and there is a variety of dips for you to try, especially if you are a first-timer like me!


Photo 12-8-15 7 47 59 am


Next, their Mixed Grill Platter which consist of Shish Taouk, Lamb Kebab Kofta, Tikka Kebab and Beirut Lamb Chops. Shish Taouk (orange in color) is chicken cubes marinated overnight with Lebanese herbs & spices. Lamb Kebab Kofta (lying behind the chicken cubes) is char-grilled minced lamb with Arabic herbs & spices. Tikka Kebab (lying below the lamb chops) is char-grilled beef cubes marinated in chef’s special spices. Beirut Lamb Chops is their Chef’s special dish which is marinated in Arabic herbs & spices. Their lamb chops tasted succulent & tender which I felt was char-grilled to perfection. This is good for 2 pax for a filling dinner but it is good for 4 pax too if you guys want a wide variety of meats! Their Chef’s special Lamb Chops is a must-try! S$36, totally worth it!


Photo 12-8-15 8 28 20 am


Well, if you do not want to order their platters, they do have other mains too. We had the opportunity to give their Samak Meshwi and Mousakaa (in picture) a try. Which is my favorite? Mousakaa of course! This is char-grilled eggplant cooked with chickpeas & onions, stewed with tomato sauce and finally topped with Mozzarella Cheese. Carbo-lover, fret not as this is served with Vermicelli Rice and this totally goes well with their mousakaa. I must say this is really fragrant and has a good texture on every bite. Will I order this for S$16 again when I am there? Definitely!


 Photo 12-8-15 9 01 54 am..

Dessert is a must have to end of the meal! Baklava is a dessert made of crispy filo pastry filled with crashed nuts tipped with honey and rose water. This is my first time having this so I thought it is rather fragrant and nutty but the sweetness level is just too high for me! Will I pay S$12 for a second try? I doubt I will but definitely worth the first try!


 Photo 12-8-15 8 19 58 am..

Guess what, we actually had a belly-dance performance during the tasting and that was my first experience in real life! I must say I am pretty amazed by the way she controlled the movements of her belly and the way she shakes. If you want to experience this yourself, simply head down to Beirut Grill on Fridays from 8pm-10pm. You might get a chance to join in the dance too!



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72 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199485
Opening Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 11:00am – 23:00pm


+65 6341 7728 // //


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